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Hello! You have stumbled on my work in progress that's been in limbo since 2014.

As of right now, Visual Shock going to be focusing on Visual Kei bands from all eras. We might end up including non-VK bands if the majority of the group is made up of former VK musicians (such as Zigzo).

This is so if I get in a rut where I don't feel like making decks or the lack of donations during the early stages of the TCG, there will be plenty of decks already done.

Also, as of this time, the solo/musician/people decks are going be done as each group/project they had, they will get a deck for that group.

For example, Kamijo has been Lareine, Versailles, and is a soloist. Kamijo would get a deck featuring his period when he was in Versailles (kamijo-versailles), a deck featuring his Lareine era (kamijo-lareine), and a deck featuring his eras as a soloist (kamijo).

The main reason for this is due to how a lot of VK musicians have been in the scene for so long that they either have been a lot of bands (Kisaki) or they have changed their stage name several times over the years that I can't be bothered to change the deck name each time someone like Kenzi can't decide if he wants to go by Kenzi or Crazy Danger Nancy Ken-chan. I do know for some musicians, like Sugizo, where they're currently active in more than one VK group, it gets a bit messy.

If you would like to suggest deck requests, I would say either message me on Discord (Ayay#4121) or at Twitter (@aggybella). I might open up a forum for people to drop deck suggestions or deck donations.

We won't be opening until there's 300 decks on the upcoming list. You can view that here.


Posted on Sat May 2, 2020 by Ayay

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